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Physical Therapy Specialist


Orthopedic Surgeons located in Harlingen, TX

To help you recover more efficiently from a sports injury or orthopedic surgery, the team at OrthoCare in Harlingen, Texas, offers on-site physical therapy services. Orthopedic surgeon Stephanie Baker, MD, works closely with the in-house physical therapists to ensure you’re healing properly and enjoying a physically active, pain-free life. The therapy team uses the latest advancements in therapeutic modalities to rebuild muscle strength and restore mobility. Learn more about the rehabilitative benefits of physical therapy by calling OrthoCare or by requesting a consultation through the online booking feature today.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy involves the evaluation and treatment of conditions that affect your musculoskeletal function and mobility.

The on-site physical therapy team at OrthoCare is highly experienced in assessing your mobility and range of motion to help you recover fully from an injury or underlying medical condition. They use a variety of exercises, manual techniques, and therapeutic modalities to improve the efficiency and speed of your healing and keep you pain-free.

Why would I need physical therapy?

You may be a candidate for physical therapy as part of your rehabilitation from an injury due to a fall, auto accident, or a sports-related injury.

The team at OrthoCare carefully assesses your injury and oversees any necessary treatment. They may refer you for physical therapy soon after your treatment to help you rebuild muscle strength and improve your range of motion.

Physical therapy is an effective rehabilitative treatment for acute and chronic pain and immobility that results from:

  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Foot and ankle injuries
  • Overuse and repetitive motion injuries

The OrthoCare team also recommends physical therapy as part of the recovery process from sports-related injuries and orthopedic surgeries.

What can I expect during physical therapy?

During your initial appointment with the OrthoCare physical therapists, you can expect to spend time discussing your existing condition and your medical history. Your therapist assesses your range of motion and overall mobility to determine what you need to do to recover from an injury or surgery.

Your treatment plan may include a variety of therapeutic exercises you can do in the office and at home. The therapy team also uses modalities like electrical stimulation to improve your muscle function and reduce existing pain.

Electrical stimulation involves the placement of several electrodes on the surface of your skin. These electrodes deliver low currents of energy into your muscles to interfere with pain signals that are traveling to your brain.

Your OrthoCare physical therapist can determine how often you need to participate in physical therapy to achieve the best results based on your condition and unique needs.

To learn more about the benefits of physical therapy, call OrthoCare to schedule an appointment, or request a consultation through the online booking system.